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The Wendy’s Review – Fries on Friday

After a short hiatus, Wendy’s has stepped up to become Fries on Friday’s latest victim.

That’s right, Fries on Friday has returned.  

So, we’ve had a bit of a break recently. Mainly due to me being back in the UK doing some life stuff that included getting my US visa and then officially moving across the ocean. Nothing too major. And I obviously had no access to the wonders that is American fast food.

BUT that was remedied last week as Wendy’s was my first meal back in the States after being away for a month and a half. And I had just been traveling for nearly 20 hrs, so it’s safe to say I was glad to be back. And hideously hungry. So, I  took the chance to get Fries on Friday back on track and requested we stop and Wendy’s.

Now, I have to admit this is not my first time at Wendy’s. The first time was actually while I was studying in Rhode Island and was promised that the milkshakes would blow my mind.

Spoiler alert, they did not.


So we went through the drive-through as I needed food ASAP after traveling back from the UK. This meant we did not get much of an insight into their customer service. Although I will say that the voice thing you speak though to make your order was very clear and not at all like deciphering a german code over radio during WW2, unlike other fast food places.
So that gets a few points.

HOWEVER, I was shocked to see that I did not get chips (fries). Something got mixed up (as David didn’t make it clear I wanted a meal), so they weren’t included in the order. I didn’t really need them so I didn’t go back. BUT I was still kinda disappointed even if my health wasn’t too concerned by this loss.

But that’s probably due to David not doing what I say rather than poor customer service…
David loses husband points.


So, the food was pretty darn good. I had a delicious BBQ Homestyle Chicken Burger. Although after excessive amounts of plane food, anything would have tasted like heaven.

What didn’t taste like heaven was the Wendy’s milkshake I had (probably in the early hours of the morning) about 6 years ago in Rhode Island. Maybe it was the time of day.

More likely it’s that this milkshake was hyped up beyond belief, meaning it could never hope to match these high expectations. Much like a kid with demanding parents who want him to go to Cambridge/Harvard and become president one day because he got (almost) straight As this one time. (How are you even meant to grade Art?? It’s all in the eye of the beholder).

What I need to remember is that the milkshake was just a milkshake, it’s not going to change my life. So I am willing to try another Wendy’s milkshake and re-evaluate.

Ok, I’ve just googled the Wendy’s milkshake. Apparently, it’s a huge thing. Please don’t send me hate.



So Wendy’s is pretty tasty. I’d definitely go there again. But it’s not life-changing.

There’s nothing particularly special about it. It’s just a burger place. I wouldn’t go as far as to say its mediocre, but it can definitely see mediocre in the rearview mirror…

So no, yet again Ameican fast food has failed to surpass the brilliance of fish and chips at the beach on a grey day in England. And I’ll be giving it at 7.5 out of 10. That first burger I had after 20hrs of traveling was pretty amazing.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments! And if you have any suggestions on what I should try next, share them below…

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