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The Subway Review

For this week’s Fries on Friday I didn’t feel like a burger, so I googled fast food places in America to get some much needed inspiration. And apparently, Subway is the highest grossing fast-food chain in the states. But would I call it fast-food? I’m not sure, but I did fancy a nice sandwich so I went with it. 

Now Subway gets a bad rep for not being fresh. And that there are other sandwich places out there that are just as good. WELL, there are burger places out there that are muuuuch better than Mc Donald’s but that’s never stopped anyone going there….

So stop your complaining and deal with it. This week I am reviewing Subway.


Generally okay. 

I did hit the rush hour line so I only have myself to blame for slow(ish) service. I was pleasantly surprised that they understood my british accent and I didn’t have to repeat myself when I asked for tomatoes so that’s something.


Maybe it’s the fact that I was sitting at a lovely spot by the sea, chatting to my sister about her new bae. But I have to say the sandwich really hit the spot.

Tasty ham, pepper jack cheese, salad, light mayo, good bread roll. Simple and just what I was looking for. 

This is probably where my husband says that the British only like bland food so of course, I liked it. Maybe that’s true. I don’t care, I’m a girl of simple tastes. Honestly, he should be glad of it.

But I do have to say, while I liked it, there wasn’t much to it. And it definitely did not taste amazing. It just tasted good. And the fillings were not as fresh or as gloriously plentiful as they are in Jimmy Johns.


Okay, Subway is not the best. And granted, there definitely places out there that are leagues ahead. 

But, it does a simple sandwich pretty nicely. However, simple is the problem. You can find something waaaay nicer for around the same price and have a wonderful culinary experience. 

While nothing was obviously wrong with it, there was also nothing special about it. Decidedly average is how I would describe Subway… which is perfect for those decidedly average weekday lunches.

So Subway gets an average 5 out of 10 and is declared not better than fish and chips by the sea. Because you know what’s not average?? Fish and Chips by the sea on a slightly grey day in England. There’s nothing as magical as that.

What do you think? Is Subway the food of the heavens or am I crazy to even give Subway a 5 out of 10?? Let me know in the comments! And if you have any suggestions on what I should try next, share them below…

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