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The Papa John’s Review

This week, Papa John’s has stepped up to take part in Fries on Friday, the (usually) bi-weekly review of America’s fast-food by a Brit who can’t get over her love of Fish and Chips in the UK. (SPOILER ALERT: We have yet to find American fast food which beats it).

I love pizza. I eat so much of it I’m honestly surprised it’s taken me this long to review it. Most Friday evenings David and I will treat ourselves to this tasty, cheesy food of the gods to celebrate making it through yet another week. It’s the little things in life, ya know?

 While they do have Papa John’s in the UK, I’d always stuck to the trusty Dominios down the road. But now I’m in the US, I decided it was time to branch out. And I was not disappointed.


Because the ONLY way anyone should eat pizza is from the comfort of your home, while sitting in front of Netflix in your coziest pajamas, I don’t have much to say about the service. However, the website is super easy to order from and the delivery has always been perfectly on time.

While you can create your own, like any pizza delivery service worth its cheese, the set options on the menu are also delicious. And we were delighted to find they were offering pizzas designed like Jack-o’-Lanterns on Halloween this year – yet another example of how America takes everything in Fall to the next level. We, of course, ordered one and devoured it.


It’s hard to get pizza wrong. But it’s also hard to make pizza mindblowing. As a fast-food chain, Papa John’s pizzas are never going to be mindblowing but they are pretty damn amazing.

OH MY GOODNESS THE GARLIC KNOTS ARE TO DIE FOR. Literally. I am in love. I think I may like them more than the actual pizza.

Having said that, the actual pizzas are absolutely delicious too. They are never greasy, the toppings are always fresh, its all perfectly cooked, the last slices are great as leftovers the next day, and they offer an amazing range of sides.

I’ve tried a few options from their menu now and they were all equally delicious. However, I will say I’m not a fan of the thin crust option. It’s too crunchy. I like a nice doughy base, so its classic crust all the way.


An easy 9 out of 10. I love pizza. I’m sure you love pizza. And ya can’t go wrong with a good slice from Papa John’s.

BUT the real question is whether it’s better than fish and chips on the beach on a slightly grey day in England?

Honestly, this is the first time I have been torn over this decision. I have pizza so much that this should be an easy yes, it is better.


I am going to have to say no, purely for the reason that I eat SO MUCH pizza. It doesn’t have the special nostalgic feeling that fish and chips by the beach does. You can have pizza at any time. Unfortunately, this is not the case with having fish and chips by the beach. Let alone having it in England. At least for me. (Excuse me while I go and cry about the lack of fish and chips in my life).

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below! And if you haev any ideas for where I should go next, I’d love to hear them.

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