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The only Fall Bucket List you are ever going to need

I’m living in America now and I may as well accept it. And what better way to do that than through a Fall Bucket List?

- Become used to calling Autumn, "Fall"

Fall = Autumn in British English.

But for the purpose of this Fall Bucket List, I am embracing America and will be referring to Autumn as Fall. Even if it causes me pain.

- Pumpkin Spiced EVERYTHING

Candles? Check! 

Lattes? YES! 


When I studied abroad in Rhode Island, I became addicted to pumpkin spiced Oreos. I am extremely disappointed that they have not brought them back as it was one of the key reasons why I was looking forward to moving to the US.

Oreo – please bring them back. Otherwise, I will have moved to the US on a false pretense and just have to go back to the UK and end my marriage. And more importantly, I will have failed in completing my Fall Bucket List.

- Carve a pumpkin

Two carved pumpkins

Did someone just say pumpkin?? Pass me a knife and marker pen!! 

Carving pumpkins is 100% my favourite Fall activity, so is high on this Fall Bucket List. It is the number one omen of Fall and means we can officially begin talking about Christmas without too much judgment.

In the UK we tend to pick up a pumpkin at the supermarket and carve it at home. It’s not a big deal. 

But I LOVE that Americans make a whole day out of it. I cannot wait to take part in the entire ritual. Once I’m there I’m headed straight to a pumpkin patch to choose my perfect pumpkin and pose for a cheesy photo. And then head home to carve a slightly off-centered face into in.

- Gain a vague understanding of American Football

   I *kind of* understand American Football… maybe. But Fall seems to be the season for it so maybe I’ll actually sit down and listen to what my husband is saying about the plays rather than nod and say “oh, really” as I stare into space.

(And for those of you saying “its just called Football”, I’m currently going against every fibre in my body to call Autum, Fall. DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH OF ME PEOPLE).

- Fatten up for Winter

Warming food, Halloween chocolate, apple cider, pumpkin pie and caramel apples – it’s a recipe for disaster. Or a casual Sunday afternoon in the Fall.

- Dress-Up

a young me dressed up for Halloween

I firmly believe October should be renamed Dress-uptober. With Halloween parties popping up throughout the month, it’s the ultimate chance to dress up and get a little creative.

When I was a kid I adored putting together an outfit for all of the parties and trick or treating. So I’ve decided that this is the year I branch out beyond the normal witch/vampire routine and think outside the box a little.

(Please share any fancy dress ideas in the comments below as I can’t think beyond my ususal witch/vampire routine….)

- Visit a Haunted House

So a few years ago I studied abroad in the US for a term (semester) and went to a haunted house. Because what does America do better than everyone else? Halloween. And what says Halloween more than a haunted house?? 

But it was a traumatic experience, to say the least… not sure if I’d be able to survive one of those things again. But I’m putting it on the Fall Bucket List in case I somehow find my courage.

- Go to a Corn Maze

Similar to the one above, I’m not 100% I actually want to do this. All the American horror movies seem to start with a corn maze and end with blood everywhere. But it’s a staple Fall activity in America. I’ll just go with someone I can run faster than…

- Sit around a fire

Another good sign Fall is here is an intensified obsession with fire. It’s cold (in most places) so at any and every opportunity I am going to seek out a fire and sit next to. Whether it’s in my home snuggled on the sofa, or outside by a bonfire roasting marshmallows, I’ll be there.

- Marvel at the multicoloured trees

Trees change colour in Europe during the Fall as well. But the sheer range of colours is missing across the pond. I am utterly over the moon I’ll be back on the east coast before Fall is over so I can marvel at all the shades of orange and get the cliche walking-through-a-Fall-wonderland photo. 

Fall in Boston

What’s on your Fall bucket list? Is there anything else that I should add to mine for the ultimate fall bucket list in America? Share with me in the comments below!


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