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The Jimmy John’s Review

This week Fries on Friday is branching out. I know change is scary but stick with me guys, its going to be ok. Today we are venturing beyond the simple burger, into the mesmerizing sandwiches of Jimmy John’s

You may think I am ignoring the whole “Fries on Friday” theme as they don’t serve fries. BUT in my defense, Jimmy John’s serves crisps which are chips which are fries. (Confused? Yep, me too. Every single day). 

This is probably the only time confusion between American and British English has been helpful



I’m starting to realise this will probably be the general review of service anywhere in America. Unlike in the UK, you’re highly unlikely to meet a grumpy teenager at the counter or listen to the droning voice of a more seasoned employee who has dealt with one too many complaints about the lack of ketchup that day.

Well in America, and in Jimmy John’s, the employees seemed to have plastic smiles taped to their faces when I ordered. They were perfectly happy to make any personal alterations to the sandwich I ordered.

It was great to see it was all freshly made right there and brought over quickly. Delivery was also amazingly fast. And I’m not too ashamed to say that a delivery from Jimmy John’s was our very first meal in our new home in the States… partially for convenience, partly to satisfy David’s 3-year craving for it while he was in the UK.


The choice at Jimmy John’s is awesome.

Think of a sandwich and it’s probably there. And if not, you’ll probably be able to customise it to your heart’s content (or as far as your bank account will let you go on extra toppings…)

However, I do have a bone to pick about the chips. In my British brain, I heard fries when they offered me chips. I’d heard great things about these chips so I was super excited to see if they were chunky or had new, exciting flavors sprinkled on them.

But no. 

My face was THE picture of disappointment when they gestured to the neatly arranged packets of crisps below the counter. WHAT? NO CHIPS? I DON’T WANT CRISPS. WHERE ARE MY FRIES JIMMY JOHN’S?


I’ll be giving Jimmy John’s a 7 out of 10. Simply because I had to swallow the bitter pill of having to eat crisps rather than fries. I wouldn’t have had such a fiasco if I ordered fish and chips by the beach on a slightly grey day in England. I would be completely safe in the knowledge that I’d be getting some slightly soggy battered fish and some exquisite chunky chips covered in ketchup.

I’m telling you, this British-American language barrier is making me question what’s real.


So what should I try next time? Leave your suggestions in the comments below! 

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