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The Chipotle Review

Welcome to yet another Fries on Friday!! Today, Chipotle is in the hot seat…

My first Chipotle experience was also my very first meal in America, back in August, when we began house hunting.

So I was tried. And hungry. And not entirely sure what the hell was going on because I had been confined to a plane for waaaay too many hours. And I was probably dangerously low on a range of vital vitamins.

So keep all of that in mind as you read this review. Just remembering this experience is making me feel dazed and confused…


The service was reasonably good considering it was about 9:30pm at a Chipotle by the airport. Its key to remember that the staff ain’t there for the work/life balance or job satisfaction.

I wouldn’t say the staff were friendly or super engaging. But no one was rude. What more could you ask for from these young employees working the worst shift possible?  

All I wanted was food asap. And they delivered. 


I was so hungry anything would have tasted good. And it did – I swear that microwaved fake plane food was like something out of a Michelin star restaurant. And, as mentioned in last time’s Subway review, apparently British people only like bland food so just eating plain pasta could have blown my mind at this point.

So, maybe jumping straight in with Chipotle was not a great idea.

We don’t have an awful lot of Mexican style fast food in the UK, and honestly making all the choices as to which kind of rice, meat, vegetables, beans, tortillas and drink I’d like was all too much. Especially as my brain was all frazzled and still thought it was around 5:30am in the morning and had been running at well below the optimal level for around 24 hours. So I was not keen on making any decisions.

However, I am proud to say I successfully managed to hold my eyes open long enough to order. Once I got the food I stuffed my face. As much as I could.

After living in the UK for my entire life and not having eaten much over the last few hours, it was all a bit much. The meat was sooo tasty, the little bit of spice slapped me in the face, the beans were oh so filling. I felt hopelessly overwhelmed after just a few bites and had to take the rest home. I couldn’t even finish it all for lunch the next day. 

My husband thinks I’m dramatic. I think I just like food.


6 out of 10.

This may seem a little harsh but I’m just not a fan. While it was really tasty, I just couldn’t manage it all. It was too rich, filling and physically too much for my stomach to handle. But to be fair, that’s also true of American portions in general…

I’d much rather go for a nice fish and chips by the sea on a grey afternoon in the UK. (Preferably in Brighton).

But how about you? What’s you go to Chipotle order? (I need some inspiration so that I don’t faff around so much next time). 

And who should I review next time?? I’m feeling pizza….

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