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On Megxit – By another Brit who married an American

I’ve had a lot of Americans asking me what I think of Megxit. Honestly, I keep changing my opinion. Initially, I was like TRAITORS. But once I’d calmed down and read something aside from the Daily Mail, I realised at the end of the day, they are adults and can choose what they want to do with their lives. Maybe…

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6 things Oxford has that Cambridge doesn’t

Unless you live in Oxford or Cambridge, you may not be aware of the intense rivalry between the two prestigious university towns. And this is no normal rivalry. It dates back to around 1208 when some Oxford scholars took refuge in Cambridge while fleeing from some irate Oxford towns-folk (probably because they thought they were better than everyone else, even…

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Driving in America vs. Driving in the UK

Driving in America and the UK is massively different. Yes, it is essentially the same. We both use these things called roads and metal boxes with wheels called cars to get from A to B. But I swear, the rest of it is like night and day.  Most significantly Americans (are lazy) like the convenience of automatic cars while manual…


A guide to Brighton and why it’s so undeniably cool

Brighton is a cool place. But on the face of it, Brighton really doesn’t seem like anything special. It’s a little coastal town in the UK that used to be a resort where the posh Londoners could “get away from it all”.  But somehow, against all the odds, it has managed to avoid the decay suffered by other British resort…


5 reasons to LOVE the Lake District

Having grown up in the South East of the UK, I never really ventured “up north”. To me it was a distant place shrouded in rain, clouds and the sometimes beautiful, sometimes utterly incoherent Northern accent. (Go listen to Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys talk, you’ll see what I mean).  Aside from York (which I ADORE) and then Scotland,…

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