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Loneliness – How to cope with it and let your roots settle in

Loneliness is a real taboo subject when talking to pretty much anyone about living abroad. Because it sounds like fun. And it totally is. It sounds super exciting and adventurous because that’s all true. But sometimes it’s hard. Especially if loneliness begins to set in. No matter what you do, there will be points in your life where you feel…

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Driving in America vs. Driving in the UK

Driving in America and the UK is massively different. Yes, it is essentially the same. We both use these things called roads and metal boxes with wheels called cars to get from A to B. But I swear, the rest of it is like night and day.  Most significantly Americans (are lazy) like the convenience of automatic cars while manual…


Why Long-Distance Friendships are so valuable to us

Last week I shared with you HOW to keep Long-Distance Friendships strong despite the distance. This week I’d like to share with you WHY we need to bother. Keeping in contact with Long-Distance Friends is a bit of a faff (inconvenience). They live far away, you don’t see them everyday and contacting them is a nightmare, especially when you throw…

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Long-Distance Friends – Staying close despite the distance

Due to being a military spouse, living abroad and life in general, I have maaaaany Long-Distance Friends. But whether you settle in your childhood town or run away from it as soon as possible, things change. You may be far apart from close friends due to work, further education, family or plain and simple adventure. Or those pesky spouses who’s…


What did putting the wrong fuel in my car teach me about mistakes?

Living abroad is a scary thing, especially when you’ve never done it before and it’s all shiny and new. And lets be real, you’ll probably make many, many mistakes.  one of my first mistakes while living abroad was a pretty big one. I put diesel in a petrol (unleaded for you Americans) engine. Let me share with you my tale…


Moving Abroad – Dealing with my fear of change

I’m scared… Of spiders.Finding hidden mushrooms in my pasta.Death (whoa that got too real).Change (real but not too real). For now, let’s focus on that crippling fear of change, specifically moving abroad, and save death for the therapy.  I’d like to think I’m reasonably good at coping with change. I grew up moving around the UK every few years, so much…