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Radishes and dealing with a less than ideal situation

I recently decided to start a vegetable patch.  I wanted to grow some tomatoes.  I asked my husband to get the seeds for me.  Despite his highly analytical mind, strong attention to detail, and (assumed) ability to read, he picked up a packet of radish seeds. Radishes. What on earth am I supposed to do with them?  (Please share any…

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Biscuit vs. Cookie

The biscuit/cookie debate is one I feel extremely passionate about, but one which has been ignored by our governments, leaders, and dictionary writers for far too long.  So here I am, the voice of a generation, bringing it to your attention.  FYI, this entire post is going to cause a lot of confusion, akin to whole chips/crisps/fries debacle. But just…

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Fries on Friday – Reviewing America’s Fast Food

So as my blog is called Chips vs Fries, I should probably appease those who have come here looking for some fabulous french Fries or some Chips from the Chippy down the road.   (For the Ameircans, chips are fries). (For the Brits, fries are chips). (For anyone that doesn’t know what’s going on, I’m talking about fried sticks of potato). …

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