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Surviving Thanksgiving as a foreigner

Thanksgiving is so American, it gives 4th July a run for its money. It’s all about the foundation of America, eating WAAAAY more food than you should, and watching American football/football. Oh, and it’s suuuper cheesy as it’s all about family and being thankful. This is too much emotion for me. Why do Americans want a holiday dedicated to talking…


Driving in America vs. Driving in the UK

Driving in America and the UK is massively different. Yes, it is essentially the same. We both use these things called roads and metal boxes with wheels called cars to get from A to B. But I swear, the rest of it is like night and day.  Most significantly Americans (are lazy) like the convenience of automatic cars while manual…


The only Fall Bucket List you are ever going to need

I’m living in America now and I may as well accept it. And what better way to do that than through a Fall Bucket List? – Become used to calling Autumn, “Fall” Fall = Autumn in British English. But for the purpose of this Fall Bucket List, I am embracing America and will be referring to Autumn as Fall. Even…

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