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5 unique British habits America needs to adopt today

America is obsessed with the Britian. (The UK is also obsessed with America but thats a story for another day). They love the Royal Family, the accent, the period dramas (anyone seen the Downton Abbey film yet?!!) The US is so entralled by Great Britain that it has sent Meghan Merkle over to join the monarchy and probably begin opening negotiations…

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5 things Game of Thrones fans need to do in Dubrovnik

Ok, I’m not going to lie the main reason why my family and I visited Dubrovnik was to take part in some intense Game of Thrones tourism. And it did not disappoint. We visited before the shockingly awful season 8 finale when we all naively thought these amazingly complex storylines just might accumulate into something. But now we are left…

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What did putting the wrong fuel in my car teach me about mistakes?

Living abroad is a scary thing, especially when you’ve never done it before and it’s all shiny and new. And lets be real, you’ll probably make many, many mistakes.  one of my first mistakes while living abroad was a pretty big one. I put diesel in a petrol (unleaded for you Americans) engine. Let me share with you my tale…


5 reasons to LOVE the Lake District

Having grown up in the South East of the UK, I never really ventured “up north”. To me it was a distant place shrouded in rain, clouds and the sometimes beautiful, sometimes utterly incoherent Northern accent. (Go listen to Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys talk, you’ll see what I mean).  Aside from York (which I ADORE) and then Scotland,…

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10 things to do in Cambridge, by an ex-local

When I’m thinking of home, Cambridge is definitely the first place that comes to mind.  It’s the city where I grew up, went to school, met some life long friends, got drunk for the first time, had my first kiss, and dated my husband. So I obviously hated it and couldn’t wait to leave. Its actually a really cool place,…

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