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Our Story (So Far…)

Its Valentines Day, so what better way to celebrate than by sharing our story?? 

A Modern Classic of the Technical Age

Boy downloads app. Girl downloads app with friends as a joke (but secretly hoping prince charming will swipe right… he didn’t but she got something marginally better). As the only history nerds using the app it wasn’t long before they found each other and started writing essays to each other. Because if there is anything studying history teaches you, it’s how to write a lengthy essay.

They messaged. And messaged. She dropped her phone in the loo so didn’t message for 3 days. He was worried she ghosted him. But she didn’t and they messaged some more. Sadly the phone did not make it.

Then… They met.

It was awkward but as he is patient and understanding, he saw through the awkwardness and asked to see her again the next day thinking she might be more chill. She was not. However by that point he was hopelessly hooked on her British charm.

Our story

Their first kiss was supposed to be on a romantic bridge at sunset. Instead it was rushed as she got on the bus to go home because he didn’t read her signals/she wasn’t giving enough out. You be the judge. 

They spent weeks sharing chocolate crepes and coffee dates, walking along the historic streets of Cambridge, exploring beautiful European cities and arguing about whether Harry Potter is the greatest thing ever written or not, (spoiler alert, it is.) 

He soon asked her to move in and everything seemed to be ridiculously perfect. But then he had to go and do his job, so 4 weeks later he went away for a month, then another month, then 4 more….

They made it work, as only military couples can.  If he was back for a week she filled every second of his time with trips and chocolate and hugs. He battled stress, jetlag and hours waiting on the other side of the customs gate. She started a new job, extended her collection of house plants from 2 to 15 and enjoyed the lack of videogame noise in the background…

Then he was back and they had both survived. There was nothing they couldn’t do (apart from decide where to eat or have a calm debate).

Our story - Japan

They spent two weeks in Japan, exploring ancient cities, desert islands and eating all the noodles. Despite the distance and time spent apart, their love hadn’t faded. If anything, it shone much, much brighter.

Soooo on a gorgeous trip to Malta, full of sun, exploring ancient cities and history museums, he popped the question. And after a minute or two of freaking out and questioning if this was real and actually happening, she said yes.

Wine was shared, goofy pictures were taken and more adventures were had.

Our story - wedding day
Amy Sanders Photography

9 months later they found themselves in a tiny little church in the middle of nowhere, England, surrounded by their closest friends and family, promising to have all of their future adventures together. More wine was enjoyed, more goofy photos were taken. And before they knew it the most perfect day of their lives was over and they were packing up their tiny flat and sat on a plane to the states….

The rest is history (or it will be in 100 years’ time).

our story so far....

So whats your story? Is it just beginning or already the stuff of classic romantic novels?? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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