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The McDonald’s Reveiw

I’m kicking off Fries on Friday with a review of McDonald’s, the American classic. 

In the UK, McDonald’s is the go to for long car journeys made even more fun by kids screaming that they need to go to the loo (the restroom) and drunk university students stumbling home at 2am from the BEST NIGHT OF THEIR LIVES (their 32nd consecutive Wednesday night at the Student Union bar). 

In America, it’s yet another fast food restaurant, nothing particularly special about it other than it is McDonald’s. However, the revolutionary aspect of it for me is that breakfast is all day, ALL DAY people. In the UK their glorious breakfasts are basically rationed and you can only grab one of their heavenly egg McMuffins before 10:30am. Its criminal. 


In true American fashion, we went through the drive through to begin my education in fast food. Why bother parking and walking in when you can just drive?
Service was nice and quick. Not much else to say on that really. Although they did forget my husband’s 3rd burger… Maybe that was a service to me…


Now I have to say, the burger actually tasted like meat rather than sawdust so that’s a definite step up from the UK version. However the fries were pretty standard. They didn’t seem to have the same salty, potato-y goodness I remembered them having when I was 7 and stuck in a car on the M25 on the way to Heathrow. Or maybe it’s the fact that I was in a warm car and hadn’t just been downing jager bombs for the last 2 hours. You be the judge.


Because I can now have an Egg McMuffin at 3:20pm just because I want one definitley boots McDonald’s review points. However my husband is sitting here reminding me that he didn’t get his third burger and honestly, the fries simply aren’t as good with out the nostalgia of youth (and a few drinks). So I’m giving McDonald’s 5 out of 10. 

Better than chips by the seaside on a slightly grey day in England? Nope. NEVER!!!

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