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Coronavirus craziness

Everyone is chatting about coronavirus, aka COVID-19, so I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon. But honestly, I’m not sure what to say.

Just like the spread of the disease, my awareness of it has slowly grown. At first, like lots of people, I thought it was just the flu. It didn’t seem like anything serious. Mentions of it became more frequent on the news. Every day a new country declared a new case. Hand sanitizers and wipes appeared in weird locations all over my workplace. 


Just a few days ago, David and I were still set on our trip to Universal Studios next weekend. After all, nothing could come between me and a butterbeer. 

But then a global pandemic was announced. Travel bans were put in place. Schools started closing and gatherings of over 250 people were canceled or postponed. Then, Universal Studios closed. Wait what? What about my trip? I can’t control a global pandemic?

Travelling is canceled...

As each day passes, everything seems to be getting worse. The number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, the number of deaths is growing and now I can’t go to Hogwarts.

Each time cases are seen to be going down in one area, in another part of the world the number of causes doubles. I can’t scroll through Facebook or watch the news without hearing a mention of the coronavirus and it’s driving me crazy…. (Although it is a change from Brexit and the US Presidential Election…)

And now the UK has been added to Trump’s travel ban and the Department of Defence has announced a travel ban for troops and their families until 11th May. Fabulous. Troops are limited to local leave for the duration of this ban meaning we can only go about an hour from our home for two months. I completely understand why and I know it’s for our own good but this is all kinda devastating for people who live to travel and explore like us.

Traveling is over due to coronavirus

It’s awful but a lot of the time I am more concerned about the disruption to my travel plans than catching coronavirus. 

While we can’t really go *anywhere* and most events have been canceled, we’re planning to make the most of our local area while we are limited to it. I’m making a list of restaurants to try (while they are still open…), planning out all the TV I’m gonna watch and on the lookout for a good hike or two which will allow us to be out of the house and breathing some coronavirus free air…

What if I can't go home…

I didn’t have a trip booked to the UK, I know that it’s not forever and if I really needed to get to the UK we’d probably find a way, but it’s scary being told nah mate, you can’t fly there. I’m sure anyone living abroad can relate this. 

Being the worrier that I am, my mind jumped to the WHAT-IF-I-CAN’T-GO-HOME-EVER-AND-WE-ALL-DIE worst-case scenario. To which my lovely husband/therapist replied, well if we get to the point where you really can’t get to the UK, we probably have bigger problems. We’ll be on complete lockdown, out of work, facing an economic crisis and social disaster as the pandemic ravages the global population. I get his point but this bleak picture didn’t really chill me out that much. 

What he was trying to say is let’s not panic before we need to. The experts are doing all they can to find a vaccine, our governments are trying to slow the spread as much as possible. We need to have faith and keep calm and carry on. Unless you get sick. Then stay home – risk your own health sure, but not anyone else’s.

Panic buying and coronavirus

Rather than the “keep calm and carry on” frame of mind, the vibe I’m seeing is “Now let’s panic and freak out”. It’s good to be cautious about coronavirus but going into full-on panic mode is not the answer.

Panic buying

We aren’t running out of food, but families who can’t get to the shops before all of these survivalists will run out of food. 

I understand that people are worried about being quarantined. Yet even in countries that are under lockdown, people are still allowed to go to the supermarkets and the pharmacy. Also, there is such a thing as online delivery. 

And if you really can’t leave your house, lean on friends and family. If you are missing something while quarantined they can drop packages at your door without ever coming into contact with you.

Ok, but why are people panic buying toilet paper??

I do not get the obsession with buying all the toilet paper. Why are people buying so much that all the shops are sold out?? What are they using it for? Pooping more than usual as they’re worried? Gonna wrap themselves in it as a makeshift hazmat suit? Or do they have the foresight to see that when the world ends, single sheets of toilet paper will be the currency by which we rebuild our society? 

I don’t think so.

People, ya don’t need to panic buy!! So sure, take an extra packet but don’t clear out the shelves. During a crisis like this, it can’t be every man, woman, and child for themselves. We need to band together and support each other. I’m sure our parents taught us to share, after all, you’re not the only person who needs to wipe their butt.

Hoarding toilet paper for Coronavirus

What do you think of all the madness?? Are you in the keep calm and carry on camp or running around declaring the end of days? 

And what goods were missing in your shops this morning? We saw a lack of pasta, canned tomatoes and weirdly, smooth peanut butter of all things. Is this a new coronavirus fad diet??

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