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Category: Fries on Friday

The Chipotle Review

Welcome to yet another Fries on Friday!! Today, Chipotle is in the hot seat… My first Chipotle experience was also my very first meal in America, back in August, when we began house hunting. So I was tried. And hungry. And not entirely sure what the hell was going on because I had been confined to a plane for waaaay…

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The Subway Review

For this week’s Fries on Friday I didn’t feel like a burger, so I googled fast food places in America to get some much needed inspiration. And apparently, Subway is the highest grossing fast-food chain in the states. But would I call it fast-food? I’m not sure, but I did fancy a nice sandwich so I went with it.  Now…

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The Wendy’s Review – Fries on Friday

After a short hiatus, Wendy’s has stepped up to become Fries on Friday’s latest victim. That’s right, Fries on Friday has returned.   So, we’ve had a bit of a break recently. Mainly due to me being back in the UK doing some life stuff that included getting my US visa and then officially moving across the ocean. Nothing too major.…


Fries on Friday – Reviewing America’s Fast Food

So as my blog is called Chips vs Fries, I should probably appease those who have come here looking for some fabulous french Fries or some Chips from the Chippy down the road.   (For the Ameircans, chips are fries). (For the Brits, fries are chips). (For anyone that doesn’t know what’s going on, I’m talking about fried sticks of potato). …

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