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A bit about me…

Somehow I’ve found myself living abroad.

Not gonna lie, this was never really in my long-term life-plan, not that I exactly had one aside from “Stay Alive As Long As Possible”. But sometimes life/fate/dating apps have other plans and things work out pretty good with the cute American guy you only swiped right on as you wanted to ask him what he really thought about Trump. You end up hitting it off, go on travels, share goofy moments and generally have an ok time together.

Then one day you marry him and find yourself on a plane, leaving the UK behind and on your way to start your new life in America. Wow that sounds pretty glamorous right?

Uhhh, right and wrong.


As a lover of travelling and this one goofy dude in the US Air Force, I’ll be sharing my experiences of travelling and the trials and joys (mostly joys) (who am I kidding, it’ll be mostly trials) of living abroad and being a new military spouse.

I’ll also be highlighting the (many) differences between the UK and the US – we may share a language, but that’s about it. And even the suggestion that we share a language is highly contentious. 

I hope that by sharing my many mistakes you might learn from them, and hopefully you’ll be a little less clueless than I was when I set off on this crazy adventure. Or failing that, provide you with something marginally funny to read when there’s nothing interesting going on Facebook (is there ever?)

So enjoy, tell me what sucks, what doesn’t suck so much, like, comment and share if you like it and keep or scrolling if ya don’t!

Love, Ellen


P.S. Not sure where to start? 

Then I’d suggest taking a look at how I dealt with the change of living abroad, or find out why I think Rhodes is the best destination for history lovers.  Oh, and you could also  check out what I think of American Fast Food and learn about all the (weird) British habits I m planning on bringing to America over the next few years….

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