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A British Autumn vs. An American Fall

Everyone in America seems to say Fall is their favourite season. Personally, I like Spring or Summer as it’s NOT COLD, but hey, everyone’s entitled to an opinion. I guess. I do like lighting a fire and wearing a warm jumper (sweater) that is essentially a blanket. But you can do all of this in Winter too. And Winter has…

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Loneliness – How to cope with it and let your roots settle in

Loneliness is a real taboo subject when talking to pretty much anyone about living abroad. Because it sounds like fun. And it totally is. It sounds super exciting and adventurous because that’s all true. But sometimes it’s hard. Especially if loneliness begins to set in. No matter what you do, there will be points in your life where you feel…

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Driving in America vs. Driving in the UK

Driving in America and the UK is massively different. Yes, it is essentially the same. We both use these things called roads and metal boxes with wheels called cars to get from A to B. But I swear, the rest of it is like night and day.  Most significantly Americans (are lazy) like the convenience of automatic cars while manual…


East Anglia – The perfect guide for anyone you know

East Anglia is so English its ridiculous. Farms, market towns, tea and pockets of posh people is all you will find in this region of the UK. East Anglia truly is the heartland of England. But it’s all too often chucked off the list in favour of beautiful places in the North like York and the Lake District, cool places…

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Surviving Thanksgiving as a foreigner

Thanksgiving is so American, it gives 4th July a run for its money. It’s all about the foundation of America, eating WAAAAY more food than you should, and watching American football/football. Oh, and it’s suuuper cheesy as it’s all about family and being thankful. This is too much emotion for me. Why do Americans want a holiday dedicated to talking…


Moving abroad – 4 essential ways to prepare

Ever sat on a microwave for 5 hrs? They aren’t that comfy but when all your stuff is being packed up to move abroad you can’t be picky with your seating arrangements.  It’s weird seeing your life being put into boxes and wrapped in brown paper. You might be thinking, wow, all of my life can fit in that one…

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The Chipotle Review

Welcome to yet another Fries on Friday!! Today, Chipotle is in the hot seat… My first Chipotle experience was also my very first meal in America, back in August, when we began house hunting. So I was tried. And hungry. And not entirely sure what the hell was going on because I had been confined to a plane for waaaay…

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Why York is and always will be, my favourite place

For me, York feels like coming home. Yes, I lived close to the city when I was little, visited multiple times and now one of my closest friends lives up there. But it’s more than that.  Maybe it’s the beauty. Maybe it’s the history. Maybe it’s the wonderful yet indecipherable Northern accent. I can’t put my finger on it, but…

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The Subway Review

For this week’s Fries on Friday I didn’t feel like a burger, so I googled fast food places in America to get some much needed inspiration. And apparently, Subway is the highest grossing fast-food chain in the states. But would I call it fast-food? I’m not sure, but I did fancy a nice sandwich so I went with it.  Now…

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6 things Oxford has that Cambridge doesn’t

Unless you live in Oxford or Cambridge, you may not be aware of the intense rivalry between the two prestigious university towns. And this is no normal rivalry. It dates back to around 1208 when some Oxford scholars took refuge in Cambridge while fleeing from some irate Oxford towns-folk (probably because they thought they were better than everyone else, even…

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