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Moving Abroad – Dealing with my fear of change

I’m scared… Of spiders.Finding hidden mushrooms in my pasta.Death (whoa that got too real).Change (real but not too real). For now, let’s focus on that crippling fear of change, specifically moving abroad, and save death for the therapy.  I’d like to think I’m reasonably good at coping with change. I grew up moving around the UK every few years, so much…

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Driving and my first screw up while living abroad

Living abroad is a scary thing, especially when you’ve never done it before and it’s all shiny and new. And lets be real, you’ll probably mess it up a little.  My first screw up of living abroad was a pretty big one. I put diesel in a petrol (unleaded for you Americans) engine. Let me share with you my tale…

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5 reasons to LOVE the Lake District

Having grown up in the South East of the UK, I never really ventured “up north”. To me it was a distant place shrouded in rain, clouds and the sometimes beautiful, sometimes utterly incoherent Northern accent. (Go listen to Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys talk, you’ll see what I mean).  Aside from York (which I ADORE) and then Scotland,…

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10 things to do in Cambridge, by an ex-local

When I’m thinking of home, Cambridge is definitely the first place that comes to mind.  It’s the city where I grew up, went to school, met some life long friends, got drunk for the first time, had my first kiss, and dated my husband. So I obviously hated it and couldn’t wait to leave. Its actually a really cool place,…

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Fries on Friday – Reviewing America’s Fast Food

So as my blog is called Chips vs Fries, I should probably appease those who have come here looking for some fabulous french Fries or some Chips from the Chippy down the road.   (For the Ameircans, chips are fries). (For the Brits, fries are chips). (For anyone that doesn’t know what’s going on, I’m talking about fried sticks of potato). …

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